Your one-stop-shop for valuable information on tax-efficient investment strategies

Explore our educational resources on private placement life insurance, insurance dedicated funds, and collateralized loan obligations to discover the potential benefits of investing in alternative assets.

INSTITUTIONAL GUIDE: How to Optimize Tax-Efficient Returns for Alternative Strategies

Achieve superior outcomes with tax-efficient approaches to alternative investments

ADVISORS' GUIDE: Tax-Efficient Access to Alternative

Discover a tax-efficient approach to alternatives through Insurance Dedicated Funds (IDFs)

The Advisor’s Guide to Private Placement Life Insurance & Variable Annuities

Learn how to maximize wealth and enhance after-tax returns for affluent individuals and families

The Advisors Roadmap to Insurance Dedicated Funds

Provide your highly affluent clients access to a world of tax-efficient alternative investments

13 Powerful Benefits of CLOs for Today’s Income Investor (& 7 Risks to Know)

An introduction to Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)

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