13 Powerful Benefits of CLOs for Today’s Income Investor (and 7 Risks to Know)

An introduction to Collateralized Loan Obligations


Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) are a high-yield, floating-rate income alternative, with a long history of competitive returns, durability, and investor-friendly features. However, CLOs are not widely understood.

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What You'll LEARN

How CLOs are structured
The historic returns and risk of CLO tranches
How CLO managers build portfolios of senior secured loans
The track record of CLOs over time (by rating)
The CLO yield advantage versus other fixed-income categories
How floating rate can mean inflation protection
The diversification of the assets underlying CLOs
How do credit tests help protect CLOs from market volatility
How active management can enhance CLO returns and reduce risk
The low historic correlation of CLOs versus other fixed-income sectors
Global investor base: who owns CLOs?
The resilience of CLOs and low level of defaults
The spectrum of risks for CLO investors

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