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Markets have not been kind to stock and bond investors in 2022. Discover a meaningful and proven way to help.

Persistently high inflation, volatile markets, and the risk of potential recession hold investors in a heightened state of anxiety today. That’s one reason advisors are increasingly looking to alternative asset classes to help protect client portfolios and potentially enhance risk-adjusted returns.

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In a recent study by Cerulli Associates, nearly 70% of surveyed advisors indicated their number one reason for allocating to alternatives was to “reduce exposure to public markets.” The study also reported the average advisor allocation to alternative assets was 14.5%, with the intent of boosting that to 17.5% in two years.

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See how Insurance Dedicated Funds, available through private insurance solutions known as private placement life insurance (PPLI) and private placement variable annuity (PPVA) structures, enable wealthy and affluent investors to access a world of alternative investments on a tax-deferred or tax-efficient basis. 



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